Central Park Entire: The Definitive Folding Map

Central Park Entire: The Definitive Folding Map

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"Central Park Entire, The Definitive Illustrated Folding Map" is a lavishly illustrated, comprehensive tree and trail map of Central Park and is a companion to "Central Park Entire, The Definitive Illustrated Poster". The map accurately locates and identifies the species of over 19,600 trees in the Park. In addition, it shows all paved paths and woodland trails, all water bodies, all major rock formations as well as depictions of all the Park's architectural features. The map's dimensions are 36" x 26" when unfolded. A full-color tree legend to help identify the more than 170 individual tree species found on the map is included.
Central Park Magnetic Poetry
Let Central Park be your muse. The Central Park Magnetic Poetry Kit is your gateway to literary expression. You will have hours of fun writing stories about where you have been, creating lists of where you would like to visit next and reminiscing about the incredible experiences you have had in iconic Central Park. The box contains over 200 magnetized words and word fragments inspired by Central Park. Stick them to your fridge, file cabinet, locker or any other steel surface.
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