Minton Tile Earring Silver

Minton Tile Earring Silver

Bethesda Fountain Snow Globe

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A Central Park Conservancy Staff Pick

This is the perfect Central Park gift because who doesn't love a snow globe, and Bethesda Fountain is both iconic and beautiful. And there's something soothing about shaking the globe and watching the "snow" gently swirl around the fountain and slowly flutter to the base. This has never failed to get a “I love it” when shared with someone.

Recommended by Bryan

Experience the beauty of Bethesda Fountain during springtime with our exclusive snow globe. It features silver glitter, evoking the feeling of water filling the fountain.

The globe measures 4" in diameter and the total measurements are 4 x 4 x 5". Each glass globe is packaged in a gift box with a protective foam insert.