Each globular Bow Bridge glass ornament is painstakingly hand-painted from the inside.  Central Park, NYC is inscibed on the side. Each ornament is packaged in a gift box. Given the effort involved in creating these ornaments, no two pieces are ever ident

Bow Bridge Hand Painted Glass Ornament

This Central Park glass ornaments is a beautiful and unique work of art, painstakingly hand-painted from the inside showing Belvedere Castle and

Belvedere Castle Hand Painted Glass Ornament

Manhattan Map Socks

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Get your bearings with a pair of map socks. Central Park is prominently featured within Manhattan's street grid. The white, blue, green and brown pattern pops off a charcoal colored sock. These knee high socks are unisex and fit most sizes. Comprised of 80% cotton, 19% nylon, and 1% spandex.