Central Park Fall Leaves Umbrella

Central Park Fall Leaves Umbrella

Made specifically for kids, this lightweight yet sturdy umbrella features an image of a soft rain in a forest.
Translucent cover with image visible inside and out. Measures 23 inches long with a whistle tied to the green handle.

Bird & Fish Kids Misty Woods Umbrella

The Original Duckhead Umbrella

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Calling to mind Central Park's colorful mallards, wood ducks, and hooded mergansers, the eco-friendly and sustainable Original Duck Umbrella is designed to be bright, bold, and unforgettable. Each one is handcrafted in a small family-owned factory and embodies the ideal balance of durability and style.
Founded with the mission to actively remove plastic waste from our landfill and seas, the company uses 9 post-consumer plastic bottles to create the canopy for every single umbrella. Add in the high-strength frame built to stand the test of even the strongest gales of wind and heaviest thunderstorms, this sturdy, compact umbrella will keep you dry and protected in any weather. Folds to 14 inches long & weighs less than 13 oz.

This wind-resistant umbrella's features include:

  • A waterproof coating
  • A sustainably sourced birch wood handle.
  • An automatic open button.
  • A high-strength steel frame.

  • About Duckhead
    Original Duckhead is a Woman and Black owned business that was founded by Morgan Cros in 2012 with a mission: to disrupt the throwaway culture in the umbrella industry.
    Since then, they have expanded into new categories, but each product is based on a desire to encourage people to get outside, embrace nature and live happier, more fulfilled, well-rounded lives.