This 30-page 6x8 board book is an

When I Go to Central Park

A humorous and entertaining adventure through historic Central Park in New York City that is part coming of age story and part treasure hunt. 219 pages.

Central Park Story Book One

Charlotte's New York Adventure

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A girl in a bad mood gets transformed after walking around the city with her father. Charlotte is lifted into a new future - a life of creativity, friendship, and a secret mission. Her plan requires special help from the Angel at Bethesda Fountain (Angel Beth) and the Statue of Liberty (Green Copper Lady). Will she get the support she needs? Charlotte's New York Adventure has been featured in The New York Press, Chelsea Clinton News, The Spirit, and Our Town newspapers, and appeals to humans of all ages. Lese Dunton Author), Ena Hodzic (Illustrator) Paperback: 39 pages Publisher: Dunton Publishing; Color edition