This cherry blossom trivet is made from strikingly elegant and notably durable Botticino Marble. Measures 6 square inches. Each piece is unique because of the natural variations of the marble and comes with a cork backing to protect furniture.

India & Purry Cherry Blossom Trivet

Signed print on archival paper with a matte finish, with a white border for framing. Select White Dogwood Blossoms or Milkweed Seed Pods The print measures 8.5 by 11 inches. Printed area measures 7 by 9 inches.

India & Purry Art Print

India & Purry Dandelion Tea Towel

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An early visitor to Central Park commented about the "‘blessed dandelions, in such beautiful profusion as we have never seen elsewhere, making the lawns, in places, like green lakes reflecting a heaven sown with stars.’” Bring home a bit of that magical beauty with this 100% cotton tea towel featuring oil painted dandelions gone to seed printed on an aqua background. It measures 18.5 inches by 28 inches.

Care Instructions: machine wash with a phosphate-free detergent.

Made in the U.K.

About the Creator
Jessica Hollander is a visual artist with a deep reverence for nature and its nuanced beauty. Her India & Purry collection is derived from her oil and watercolor paintings, using small sections of larger canvases. She considers each of the paintings to be portraits that study and celebrate the unique intricacies of specific trees and flowers. She uses this dialogue to transmit the peaceful, healing energy of nature. The resulting designs bring the charm of the outdoors into everyday life.