These beautiful, resin covered plaques are available in four Anderson Design Group Central Park illustrations that will compliment any d├ęcor. Dimensions: 8

Central Park Travel Poster Plaque

These Central Park themed coasters feature Anderson Design Group's illustrations. Made in the USA, they are heat and water-resistant, feature a deluxe cork-backing. Available in four designs. Dimensions: 3.75

Central Park Travel Poster Coasters

Central Park Handmade Quilling Card

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A Central Park Conservancy Staff Pick

The beautiful and handmade quilling cards are just my favorite. I purchased the Songbirds and the Tulip cards; but all of them are special, gorgeous and exquisite.

Recommended by Carolyn

This is more than just a card, it's art. Each quilled card is beautifully handmade by a highly skilled artisan and takes one hour to create. A quilled card is meant for you to share, treasure as a keepsake, or display as the work of art it is. Fair Trade Certified. Blank plus additional blank insert to write your own message on. Size: 6 in. x 6 in. *Extra postage required for mailing

Seven available designs:

Squirrel: Features a quilled squirrel in shades of brown and orange with a large fluffy tail as he nibbles on an acorn while perched on a tree branch with autumn leaves.

Red Tulip: Features four red and orange tulip bulbs among green grass.

Dragonfly: Features a red dragonfly with orange and yellow accents flying among tall blades of grass and cattails.

Autumn Leaves: Features four large leaves in golden hues of red, orange, and yellow as they fall from a tree branch.

Songbirds: This design shows five birds perched on one branch together including a cardinal and hummingbird.

Cherry Blossoms: This card features a variety of quilled cherry blossoms in shades of pink with on brown branches with green leaves.

Colorful Tulips: The handcrafted design depicts pink, purple yellow, and orange tulips blooming from tall green stems.

Bird Watching: The handcrafted design features a pair of binoculars with the reflection of a flock of geese flying in formation in the lenses.

Chipmunk: The design features a handcrafted chipmunk in browns and oranges nibbling on seeds while perched on a gray rock surrounded by blue flowers.

Winter Tree: This design depicts a winter scene of a bench under the snow covered branches of a large tree. Quilled snowflakes are shown falling to the icy ground below and a pair of red cardinals sit perched on a snowy branch.