Ava Quinn's Grounded Scent Oil Roller

Ava Quinn's Grounded Scent Oil Roller

NJOY Loose Tea Collection

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Not only is Central Park home to more than 18,000 trees, it is where you'll find more than 450 species of plants growing wild, including chamomile and Linden, along with several species of Sage in the Conservatory Garden. These three also make for amazing teas brought to you as Claritea.
Claritea is the loose version of NJOY's artisan stem teas, presented in glass jars with beautiful wooden caps. Always wild and organic, the stems softly unfold during the preparation. These teas are caffeine-free.

Chamomile has an invigorating taste, due to its uncivilized nature: she grows where she wishes, among grasses. Drinking a cup of Chamomile will be good for relaxing and feeling free. Each bottle brews 55-60 cups.

Linden has a powerful floral taste in the first sip, and then it makes a room for a delicate and aerial fragrance. It’s perfect to listen to your own breath, meditate, decompress. Each bottle brews 40-45 cups.

Sage is a very aromatic plant that stays in mouth for a long time, leaving a few earthy and hot notes. Its taste would be considered close to hazelnut, even if it is a bit more acrid and floral. It is incandescent and delicate. Each bottle brews 35-40 cups.

About the Creator
Senem Kalyoncu leads her company rooted in New Jersey; importing stem teas from the Taurus Mountains of her childhood. It was a time of pure joy, playing in the earth and sharing delightful moments with a community of women who prepared traditional dishes and brewed aromatic herbal teas. Since that time, maintaining a deep bond with the natural world and nurturing meaningful connections with people have remained fundamental lifelong principles for her.