Bee Mini-Cross Stitch Kit

Bee Mini-Cross Stitch Kit

Packaged in a protective case with Central Park, Est. 1858, NYC on the flap, these lightweight 8x21 magnification bbinoculars are great for a wide range of uses.

Central Park NYC 8x21 Binocular with Case

Cloud Investigator

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Laying in the grass and watching the clouds go by can be one of the most relaxing things to do in Central Park. The Park is a great place to observe the changes in the clouds everyday. This laminated weather-proof tool can be held to the sky in an outstretched arm so the cloud can be seen through the observation hole in the middle and matched to its type. The opposite side contains additional information related to color, shape, and current weather. Comes packaged with instructions and protective wrap.

The Cloud Investigator measures 8.5" x 6"; with packaging it measures 10" x 6.5".

Made in Canada.