With Sunprint Kits, you can make photographic type prints using just sun and water. Each individual packet contains 12 4

Sunprint Kit

Reflecting Sara Lamond's mixed media abstract art, the Bird's Nest is 4 x 4 layered monotype, created with acrylic and soft pastel on paper.

Driftwood Gallery Bird's Nest Giclée Print 4 x 4

Driftwood Gallery Early Bird Giclée Print 5 x 7

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Driftwood Gallery features the work of Sara Lamond, a multi-disciplinary artist and designer living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Inspired by the natural environment around her, Sara is fascinated by the way that color and texture can evoke emotion. Her mixed media abstract art is replicated in archival quality Giclée Prints.
The artist on the inspiration for Early Bird: "It was very late winter, with the usual patches of snow interspersed with rain then snow then … muck. Typical entry to spring, and I was eagerly waiting for the song birds to arrive for their summer season - crows and gulls are all well and good, but a bit monotone… and this colourful bird emerged to cheer me."

Image size: 5 x 7