The plush Parker the Dog is made with the softest brown and white coat and measures approximately 7.5

Parker the Dog Plush

This 5 inch plush is of an American Goldfinch, bright yellow, black, and white in color, with beaded eyes and a light pink beak that when squeezed at the belly produces the authentic bird call from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's wildlife recordings. The

Audubon Bird: American Goldfinch Plush

Meadow the Sheep Plush

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Meadow the Sheep pays homage to a very popular space in Central Park, Sheep Meadow. This realistic and cute plush has a super fluffy coat made of soft curls of fleece. With big, adorable eyes, precious down-turned ears, and a fluffy little tail, Meadow is ready for hugs! Measures approximately 7" long and is surface washable.