Create 10 full-color portraits of birds with the workbook's beginner-friendly templates that include step-by-step instructions and lightly illustrated sketches. Features 44 lay-flat pages of 100lb recycled paper​ in 7 x 9 inch format. Original artwork by

Birds Watercolor Workbook

With Sunprint Kits, you can make photographic type prints using just sun and water. Each individual packet contains 12 4

Sunprint Kit

Watercolor Paint Set

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This watercolor paint set is the perfect companion to our Birds Watercolor Workbook. This set consists of 12 high-quality paints and a round size 4 brush packaged in a 8.5" x 2" black tin case. Using the lid as your mixing palatte, you can customize these basic colors into just the right hue for that cardinal or robin in your workbook.