A March 2022 Staff Pick: Central Park, An American Masterpiece by Sara Cedar Miller

Recommended by Darcie:

A beautiful book that is chocked full of Park images and historic facts. While there are a few other stand-out books on Central Park, Sara Cedar Miller has written an engaging history that captures the planning, politics, personalities behind the park's creation, as well as how the park has changed over time. But what really sets it apart is the gorgeous photography that reveals a beauty that is both intimate and grand.

A March 2022 Staff Pick: Central Park Handmade Quilling Card

Recommended by Carolyn:

The beautiful and handmade quilling cards are just my favorite. I purchased the Songbirds and the Tulip cards; but all of them are special, gorgeous and exquisite.

A March 2022 Staff Pick: Bethesda Fountain Snow Globe

Recommended by Bryan:

This is the perfect Central Park gift because who doesn't love a snow globe, and Bethesda Fountain is both iconic and beautiful. And there's something soothing about shaking the globe and watching the "snow" gently swirl around the fountian and slowly flutter to the base. This has never failed to get a “I love it” when I shared it with someone.

A March 2022 Staff Pick: Central Park Map Travel Mug

Recommended by Samantha:

What a stylish reusable cup that allows you to say goodbye to plastic water bottles, soda cans or disposable coffee cups. Hard to believe it is a dressed up utilitarian mason jar with drinking lid.  The leather band is not only beautiful, but also functional. What a great way to celebrate a 1909 map of Central Park.

A March 2022 Staff Pick: Central Park Design Pouch

Recommended by Shayla:

I love the Central Park Design Pouch because it’s a nice marriage of function and design. It’s perfect gift for friends and family who love the Park. It easily holds beauty items or other knick knacks. It’s a great accessory for a handbag or travel carry on.