Book contains 150 photographs of statues in the park and recommends six walks to meet the statues face-to-face in Central Park.

Alice in Central Park -- Statues in Wonderland

Saving Central Park by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers. The inspiring story of how one woman led the effort to save Central Park. Hardcover, 336 pages.

Saving Central Park

Leaves Pop-up Book

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The autumn woodland is a beautiful and busy place! Leaves rustle, critters scurry, and mushrooms pop up from the groud. Delightful interactive elements and fascinating facts offer change and surprise on every spread of this celebration of the fall season. Text by Janet Lawler Illustration by Lindsay Dale-Scott Paper Engineering by Yoojin Kim 2017 Gold Medal Moonbeam Award Winner Jumping Jack Press Pop-Up Books feature elaborate pop-ups and interactive elements designed to delight and charm readers of all ages.